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TEXEL is home to brilliant talents and professionals. An interdisciplinary team of talented people work together to rewrite the traditional entertainment experience, making it interactive, social, and engaging, as well as personalized and fun.

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Socializing streams

With more people streaming their favorite video content onto their screens than ever before, users now expect their streaming services to be more compelling, rich, and engaging. They want to interact, play, and shop together with their friends and communities, in sync and in real time with the content they choose. They want their streams socialized.

At TEXEL, we know that today’s viewing experience, where viewers watch a single, linear stream on their screen, will soon fall short of the variety of interactive and social experiences viewers will expect from their streaming services.

Founded 2016 by video-technology veterans, TEXEL has set its purpose to disrupt the century-old viewing experience, and realize this future for more people around the world. With Engagement Cloud, our video cloud-engine, we allow streaming services, including sports, music, entertainment, shopping and VOD, to add a set of engaging tools and personalization capabilities on top of their great content – in real time, in perfect sync, and at scale.

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Amir Segev CEO & Co-Founder

Amir has over 20 years of experience in video technologies and media landscapes.

He has held numerous executive positions at global corporations such as Verizon and Harmonic, as well as a number of innovative and successful startups like LiveU and Kaltura.
Throughout his career, Amir gained an in-depth understanding of various audience preferences and video content trends. He has also been immersed into technologies from media delivery and consumption throughout the entire cloud pipeline.

Guy Zisman CTO & Co-Founder

Guy leads TEXEL’s technology roadmap, and has over 10 years of technology, engineering, and managerial experience at video technology and deep-technology companies.

Before TEXEL , Guy held leadership positions at Wochit, Groovideo ( as Co-Founder), and Seambi, serving Tier-1 publishers and broadcasters like USAToday, WSJ, and NBC. Guy served in the Intelligence Corps as a team commander (captain in reserve duty) and holds a B.Sc. in Computer-Science & Cinema from Tel-Aviv University.