With TEXEL’s
Engagement Cloud

viewers can watch your content together in perfect sync. Viewers can talk with each other, share, interact, shop, and play together, and individually customize any screen or device - directly on your app. This leads to increased engagement, viewer excitement, and brand loyalty.

A canvas of possibilities to socialize your streams

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Interact and take action, in Total Sync, everywhere. From a few close friends at a private viewing party to thousands of fans at live public events, games or concerts.

Viewers watch together, converse by chat or video, react and invite others, in a private viewing party with a few close friends or with thousands of fans at live sports and music events, in live sports betting, or watching VOD content, all in Total Sync, from anywhere and on any screen
Viewers bring their favorite influencers, bloggers, and celeb commentators into your screen, played in Total Sync with the game, concert, or shopping spree
Viewers bring their favorite data stream from social media, statistics, or live web-feeds on top of your streamed content - in harmony with their mobile device as a second screen mirroring the TV screen and serving as a remote control
Viewers take control and choose their favorite screen layout, camera angles, and PoV. They can move elements and design their individual viewing setup for extra-personal engagement with the content

Cloud-native video engagement infrastructure for perfect sync at any scale


A powerful cloud-based video-engine for real-time social experiences

  • Any Screen, Any Device, Any Scale

    New levels of engagements on mobile devices and large screens with unlimited scalability that grows with you.

  • Played in TotalSync

    Viewers, influencers, external feeds, and online sources are streamed in frame-accurate sync with your streams.

  • Deep cloud processing

    Best-of-breed pipeline and distribution technology that is fully independent and customizable.

  • Valuable. Out-of-the-box

    Utilize analytics and insights from never-seen-before customer behavioral data to optimize the viewer experience and bottom line.

Grow with better engagement

With Engagement CloudTM, you gain access to a wealth of monetization and brand-value tools that can be managed from one place

  • 01.


    Upsale and subscription premiums on extra and extended services, complete sport-betting options, get a valuable data stream of subscribers preferences

  • 02.


    Interactive and personalized ads on multiple screens and across groups and rooms, advanced behavioral and contextual data dashboards

  • 03.


    Boost brand loyalty with enhanced viewer’s engagement, reduce churn, and unleash the power of social ripples

The Engagement Cloud platform allows millions of streaming viewers to share their excitement, interact, shop, and play across any screen